Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get Out Your Lighters

Blogmigo, Wormbook author, and all-around cool-kid Ellen Wernecke saw CSD-favorite band The Hold Steady at the Bowery Ballroom the other night, and (apparently) it was awesome. I believe her, because there's video evidence:

We're looking forward to their new album, which is due to come out next month. Until then, videos like this, and their previous album, Stay Positive, will have to hold us over. We've been listening to Stay Positive quite a bit lately, in particular the song "Lord, I'm Discouraged," which features a guitar solo that sounds like something that Slash would have played, if he was a member of Journey and the year was 1983. If that sounds like the very definition of "awesome" to you, well, you are not alone.

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