Monday, April 5, 2010

Scattered Thoughts on The Day in Sports

Kyle Singler may the player that Bill Simmons and the Charlotte Bobcats thought Adam Morrison was going to be? He doesn't have a natural position at the NBA level, but he's tough, a good passer, and as good of a shooter as 6'8" guys get at the college level. He's not a great athlete by NBA standards, but nor is he a bad one, and his defensive awareness makes up for a lot of it. Is he a better Matt Harpring?

Other than Singler, is anybody else from tonight's game a future pro? I say no.

Butler's coach looks to me like a white Barack Obama. Am I the only person who notices this?

Atlanta Braves outfielder Jason Heyward is probably the most-hyped outfield prospect since Ken Griffey Jr., and he hit a homerun in his first Major League game. He is twenty years olds, 6'5" and 220 pouunds. He'll certainly stumble a couple of times before the sesason is through, but he is already famous for denting car roofs with the balls he hit out of minor league ballparks, and he'll be fun to watch as he develops into a star in the big leagues.

Is anybody out there excited for another season of four-hour 9-7 games between the Yankees and the Red Sox? Me neither.

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