Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Is The Only Photo of Jakob Dylan That We Will Ever Post

Jakob Dylan has just released a new album, Women and Country, with Neko Case and her right-hand woman Kelly Hogan in the "Watson Twins" role.

Neko Case is one of Common Sense Dancing's favorite singers, but I've never enjoyed Jakob Dylan's music, because he sucks and has been getting by on his father's name for the past fifteen years. His new album is being sold at Starbucks. Its amazing that singers as accomplished as Case and Hogan would agree to sing back-up for a singer like Dylan; Dylan should be flattered if a singer like Case called him and asked him to provide back-up vocals for her.

Anyway, all of this has gotten me thinking. - how great of a singer would someone have to be in order to make you buy an album of their duets with Jakob Dylan? If John Lennon came back from the dead and made an album with Jakob Dylan, would I buy it? I'm imagining a scene like Book 3 of Inglorious Basterds, where you write a singer's name on a card, stick it onto your forehead, and people start saying names until you guess right.

-Elvis Presley . . . Johnny Cash . . . Django Reinhardt . . .
-Jakob Dylan?
-Correct! How'd you guess?

Related question: how bad does somebody have to be to make me not want to buy an album of their duets with Neko Case? (This question isn't as much fun to ask, because the answer is invariably "Jakob Dylan.")


Terry said...

I really like "One Headlight" and "The Difference."

8yearoldsdude said...

even if you don't like "one headlight" or "6th avenue heartache," that dude is famous. and case and hogan aren't (except to a particular subset of post-college whiteys). they are trying to trade up for more exposure.

Duncan Sheik said...

I second Terry. Both of those songs are admirable mindless/catchy pop rock songs.