Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Links

Here's what the CSD team has been reading and watching this week.

My favorite AV Club feature is "Q & A," where the writers take turns answering a question about pop culture. This week's question, "ere is a special place in hell reserved for the sort of snob who says things like "Which pieces of pop culture would you have fonder memories of had they just wrapped up after a certain number of seasons/sequels/albums?" produced some great answers from the AV Club writers, and some of the most annoying comment threads I've ever seen in my life. R.E.M. has been going downhill since Green? U2 never made a good album after The Unforgettable Fire? Really?

Noel Murray's discussion of Heat Vision and Jack, a never-aired late-90's parody of a Knight Rider-type action show in which Jack Black played a former astronaut who flew too close to the sun, gained the power of super-intelligence, and fights crime with the help of a robot motorcycle that is animated by the soul of Jack Black's unemployed roommate (voiced by Owen Wilson) is fantastic - who knew that such a pilot ever existed, and who are the executives who decided against airing the pilot?

I don't typically read Gawker, but its post on the Ice-T/Aimee Mann twitter fight is awesome.

The great Roger Angell isn't writing his spring training columns anymore, but this profile of Jason Heyward and Stephen Strasburg in The New Yorker was worthwhile, anyway.

In The New Yorker, Nancy Franklin reviews David Simon's new show, Treme.

The Onion Sports Network's coverage of Donovan McNabb's trade to the Washington Redskins was brilliant.

And finally, just because its awesome: Evander Kane goes Evander Holyfield on Pittsburgh Penguins' cheap shot artist Matt Cooke.


Chuck Buck said...

Hipsters ruin everything. The Onion comments thread is just further evidence.

Wade Garrett said...

Wow, I didn't know that Chuck Buck was a reader. When I was 18 I was pretty envious of you.