Saturday, May 8, 2010

Everything Is Wrong With Jason Mulgrew

Jason Mulgrew refers to himself as an internet quasi-celebrity. I would describe him as more of a "cult celebrity." Although his autobiographical blog is one of the most popular comedy sites on the internet, he's little-known outside of the blogosphere. Those who do read him love him. A woman I work with wants to marry him, and she's never even met him.

His new memoir, Everything Is Wrong With Me, differs from his blog, in that the book is about his childhood, and the blog is about struggling with jobs and women, and trying to make a go of things in New York City. I've been reviewing a lot of books lately, but I'm not going to review this one, even though I highly recommend it, because . . . its not the sort of book you review. People who have read Mulgrew's blog are going to read his book, and they will love it. On the other hand, if you haven't read his blog, it will be hard to talk you into reading it - there isn't a way to summarize it that makes it sound more interesting than any number of other books, except that it is fucking hilarious, and anybody who has grown up in an industrial, blue-collar city - Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and the like - will recognize their friends and neighbors amongst Mulgrew's cast of South Philadelphia longshoremen and their progeny. Its a hell of a lot of fun.

Perhaps the best way to get you to read it is to show you this video of Mulgrew telling a joke. If you laugh, you will enjoy Everything Is Wrong With Me. If you snarf your drink, you will love Everything Is Wrong With Me.

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