Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HIGH VIOLET Goes On Sale Today

The National's new album High Violet is released in stores today. It is really good. In its review, the AV Club gives High Violet an "A," refers to The National as "Brooklyn's Finest" and concludes by saying "The National has graduated from being a critic's band. Now it belongs to everyone." Pitchfork calls its songs "triumphs of form."

Here is a video of The National performing "Terrible Love" at the Bell House in March.


BoilerHorn said...

Superficially (in that I have only listened to the excerpts), HIGH VIOLET appears to blow away any of their previous work. That is quite an accomplishment, given the strength of The National's two most recent releases.

Thanks again to Wade for introducing me to The National via this Blog that I stumbled upon a couple of years ago :)

Wade Garrett said...

Welcome back, Boilerhorn!

Mike said...

I love these guys!. Bryan Devendorf is the best working drummer in rock music right now.