Friday, May 21, 2010

The National crush "Afraid of Everyone"

Last Thursday, The National and Sufjan Stevens performed "Afraid of Everyone" on The Late Show with David Letterman. Everybody sounded fantastic - has anybody sounded better on late-night television in recent years? Letterman, who is notoriously difficult to impress, clearly loves the band - I haven't seen him react that way since TV On the Radio played "Wolf Like Me" four years ago. Just an awesome performance. The Nationa is on as long of a winning streak as anyone - three great studio albums, well-received contributions to two or three charitable contributions, and great shows at high-profile gigs like Glastonbury and the Pitchfork Music Festival. I know I post a lot of their videos in this space, but, they are the best working band in the country right now.


Beenee said...

they have a lot of shots of drumming jesus. maybe that should be one of the tags, along with stuff that kicks ass and the national.

also, maybe you can change your boxes to read:
--stuff that kicks ass
--this owns (- though one may argue that these two are the same things)
--stuff that conan o'brien likes.

just a thought.

Wade Garrett said...

Yes, almost all of my posts fall into one of those three categories. However, since those are the terms that I use, those would be tags that the writer puts at the bottom of a post, not the boxes that the readers click. Do you see what I mean?

Ben said...

Great version of the song - the guitar solo in the middle is understated, but really well-played.