Monday, May 24, 2010

The New Pornographers - "Crash Years"

The New Pornographers were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallong last week, and played "Crash Years," from their new album, Together. They sounded great, and it was good to see the entire lineup, including Neko Case and Miranda Brown of Crooked Fingers, who played on the album and is touring with them this summer.

I love the music on Fallon's show. Not only is his house band the best in the history of late-night televison; he books great musical acts, even relatively obscure ones, and his show has such a good reputation indie rock circles that some bands, such as The National and Vampire Weekend, occasionally show up to play even if they do not have a new record to promote. Also - and I don't know how he does this - but he always fills the seats behind and on either side of the stage with enthusiastic fans of the band, so there's always a lot of singing and clapping along. I wish that all late night shows took their music this seriously.

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