Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Links

Good News/Bad News - Amelie Gillette, beloved AV Club contributor, all-around superbabe and genius behind The Hater, The Hatecast, and The Tolerability Index, is leaving The Onion to join the writing staff of The Office. Its too bad that she has to leave one of our favorite institutions, but, if she has to leave, its nice that she is going to one of our other favorite institutions.

Buffalo native, SJCI alum, Park Slope resident, and all-around cool guy Greg Ames' novel Buffalo Lockjaw was recently voted the best novel of 2009 in The Believer magazine's reader's poll.

On, Tim Kurkjian has an interesting profile of the Atlanta Braves' firey closer Billy Wagner.

Long-time friend of the blog Ivan Drago has started his own blog, The SKOHRboard. This officially upgrades him from 'friend of the blog' to 'blogmigo.'

The baby from the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind is now grown-up and an artist in his own right.

The New Yorker's Anthony Lane discusses Charles Dickens and Britain's hung Parliament.

Two lawyers recognize Justin Beiber on a flight out of D.C., but fail to recognize retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. A sign that the decline of civilized society?

On second thought, this is a more foreboding sign of the apocalypse: the leading baby names for the year 2009 all come from the Twilight series of novels. The urge to kill is rising. Who's having these babies? Are they the morons whose mothers named them 'Ariel' and 'Belle' when Disney had its little renaissance twenty years ago?

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