Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Somewhere Professor Mahoney Is Smiling

On Sunday night, a friend and I went out for dinner at Madiba, a South African restaurant in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. It seemed like a natural choice - I had never been there before, but it is always crowded with locals (a good sign) and had been well-reviewed, and we both had South Africa on our minds after a weekend of watching the World Cup. It was good - fun atmosphere and a menu that nicely balanced Zulu, British, Dutch and Indian elements - and afterwards I wondered if the ability to walk a few blocks to a South African restaurant was, without ever stopping to think about it, one of the reasons I live in Brooklyn in the first place. I don't eat South African food often, but that style of cuisine isn't available anywhere in any of the other cities in which I've lived, or even most big cities. Its a really nice thing to have nearby. Whether those cosmopolitan-but-minor-in-the-big-scheme-of-things institutions nearby justify the high rents and general inconvenience that come in living in a city with high rents and no parking is another question . . . but I definitely see the benefits.

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