Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Links

The New Yorker's 20 Under 40 issue on the best young writers in America is a must-read for literature lovers. Although he's over 40, Jeffrey Eugenides' short story "Extreme Solitude" is also very good.

Heroes, Studs, and Raging Bulls - The Only Game In Town, an anthology of The New Yorker's best sportswriting, gets a glowing review in the Times.

The AV Club pumped itself full of sugar at the 2010 Candy Exposition.

Speaking of the AV Club, Kyle Ryan and Genevieve Koski recently got iced. So did the members of The National. If the cast of the West Wing and the surviving members of the 1990 Buffalo Bills ever get iced, every institution that has every mattered to me in my lifetime will have been tainted.

Speaking the The West Wing, AV Club critic Steve Heisler has begun to review the second season of The West Wing for the AV Club's "TV Club Classic" series.

The Guardian profiled The National.

The Financial Times had a nice little feature about the City of Buffalo's Allentown neighborhood.

As it turns out, not everybody is on board with the 'Bros Icing Bros' phenomenon. Kissing Suzy Kolber offers a suggestion of its own - >Bros Burritoing Bros.


8yearoldsdude said...

Thurman Thomas was planning to ice Jim Kelly, but he misplaced the ice under the bench for several minutes

Wade Garrett said...

That's hilarious!

*sobs uncontrollably, drinks self to sleep*

Anonymous said...

With bonus hilarity because Thomas is a recovering alcoholic!

Rich said...

That is very extremely true.