Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Links

Paul Krugman's editorial about the likelihood of a 'Third Depression' is depressing because it is so convincing.

The AV Club criticizes Knight and Day for believing that it can get away with portraying Tom Cruise as a grinning, untouchable action hero two and a half decades after Risky Business and Top Gun. In this week's AV Club Talk, the critics discuss Knight and Day in comparison to Grown Ups, the terrible-looking Adam Sandler/Kevin James vehicle that casts them in roles similar to the roles they've played in every movie they've ever made in the past 15 years. Its no wonder that the movie business is failing; neither of these films seems to have an original idea in their heads.

In The New Yorker, Anthony Lane's review of I Am Love reminded me of why I read The New Yorker in the first place.

Real estate listings like this one make me want to move to Buffalo.

Bill Simmons' NBA Draft diary on was excellent as usual, though the increasingly competent NBA front offices give him less material than he had in the old days.

McSweeney's publishes another in its series of "Open letters to people or entities who are unlikely to respond."

And, finally, we at CSD headquarters have been watching Season 3 of Mad Men to get us excited for next week's premiere of Season 4. In case you are trying to catch up, check out the TV Club's episode recaps and, just for fun, Movieline's "Mad Men Power Rankings," which ranks the characters on their awesomeness and introduces the Don Draper Fingerbang Threat Level, which is one of the two or three best ideas I have ever seen on the internet.


Senor Beavis said...

Since it's Craigslist, the house probably comes with a hooker in every closet. Possibly even a dead one.

Wade Garrett said...

But you see, in Buffalo a place that nice can be totally on the up-and-up and still cost that (relatively) little money.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, W. Oakland is a wonderful street, despite the fact that JP Losman used to live there.