Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank You, Internet!

The guy who put this together is a genius. (I say guy because, though I do not know the gender of its creator, I can only assume that NBA basketball in-jokes + 14 year-old WWF highlights = male auteur). I never watched wrestling growing up, but Hulk Hogan's heel turn at the 1996 Bash at the Beach is so famous that every guy who was a teenager in the mid-90's probably remembers it. Anyway, Hogan turning into a villain is probably the best analogy for what LeBron James did, going overnight from one of the "good guys" in basketball to an almost universally despised villain character, crushing the dreams of the city of Cleveland to go crush ass and run up scores with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Anyway, this video is bizarre but well worth a few minutes of your time.

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Wade Garrett said...

What is going on? What the hell is going on? Oh my God!