Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Links

The AV Club's "Fighting With Loved Ones Over Art" has generated 1,444 comments, making it one of the most-discussed AV Club articls of all-time. What works of art do you disagree with your loved ones again? In the Garrett household, Lost in Translation is probably the movie about which we most disagree.

New York Times' columnist David Brooks' op-ed "The Medium Is the Medium" should makes my parents feel less guilty for having bought so many books over the years. Of course its possible that Jake Taylor and I would have become serious students if they hadn't bought so many books, but why take the chance?

Former Gawker blogger Emily Gould discusses how perpetually-outraged feminist blogs may be doing women a disservice.

World Cup articles had more relevance earlier this week, but even so, this Slate article about Why All Soccer Fans Should Root For Holland to Lose To Spain is worth reading. None of the teams in this year's World Cup were as 'critically acclaimed' as Johann Cruyff's Dutch teams from the 1970's, and it raises the question of what we like to see the most in sports - victory at all costs, or well-played, entertaining games.

In the words of Jake Taylor, "the fact that this is probably not real does not mitigate its awesomeness."

FakeCraigFinn is my new favorite Twitter feed. He's been on fire lately, which is more than I can say for RealCraigFinn, whose latest album, Heaven Is Whenever, is The Hold Steady's weakest showing in years. In the AV Club, Steven Hyden suggested a few things The Hold Steady could do to get back on track.

Yes, I realize that just about everybody in the world has already seen it, but you didn't really think we would let the headline "Tired Gay Succumbs to Dix in 200 Meters" go by without comment, did you?

These "Horribly Sexist" print advertisements from the 1950's, 60's, and 70's would never have seen the light of day at Sterling Cooper.


Jake Taylor said...

For the record, the version I sent Wade wasn't from Jezebel.

Off topic, but I'd love to see the memo that Gawker higher-ups sent to Deadspin's editors ordering them to link to Jezebel 20 times per day in the interests of cross-promoting synergy. It's exactly the kind of document you'd expect to see posted on Deadspin under some wiseass heading like "Media Meltdowns" had ESPN done something similar. Unfortunately a once-interesting website is now run primarily by a bunch of bratty punks who have nothing interesting to say.

B said...

1. Love the FakeCraigFinn feed. Teehee.

2. Not sure why everyone is hating on Heaven is Whenever. It's already had more spins around my house than Stay Positive, which interestingly was a mediocre record released at the height of their buzz. My guess is that it is probably just the beginning of The Hipster Backlash (TM) for THS -- they got a little too popular.

Wade Garrett said...

Jake is correct. He was the first of about five people who sent that link to me, and I posted one at random. But he got there first.

@B - Heaven Is Whenever is a pretty good album, and I think you are right to say that The Hipster Backlash is beginning. I would say that it is weaker than Stay Positive, Boys and Girls in America, and Separation Sunday, but still better than most of what I hear. But Boys and Girls was possibly my favorite album of '06 and Stay Positive one of my favorite albums of '08, and Heaven isn't transcendent like those other two were.