Monday, August 16, 2010

Gowanus: A Photo Essay

"Hey, this is a nice shot of the Eagle factory. Not quite as iconic as the Kentile factory, but still pretty solid."

"Either some little kid let his popsicle drip all over the ground, or else there was a fight here last night."

"You know, this is beginning to look more and more like blood."

"Yup - pretty sure this is blood. Probably from somebody's head."

Then I turned the corner, and all doubt vanished:

If there's a black market for human body parts in Brooklyn, its probably located in this stretch of Third Avenue (or else on the equally-shady Second Avenue):

This little stretch is actually prospering - there's a rennovated factory that houses a brand-new Apple repair store and the trendy rock and roll bar The Bell House, among other businesses:

But the real reason to go to Gowanus is Four and Twenty Blackbirds, an extraordinary bakery specializing in pies, but with great coffee and an open, country store-type feel:

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