Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sometimes I'm Glad Its Not 1970 Anymore

Yesterday, the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati got into a "brawl" before the first pitch of the first inning had been thrown. I put brawl in quotation marks because it really wasn't much of a fight, but, since there are so few fights in major sports these days, it nonetheless qualifies as one of the bigger fights of the past couple of years. (9-minute long video):

Fighting in sports is stupid and pointless. When was the last time somebody bought a ticket to watch professional baseball or basketball players fight? Having said that, I prefer a fight to the sort of cheap-shot, throw-at-the-other-player's-head tactics that some managers employ; that always escalates and sometimes players get legitimately injured when they are hit in the head, or on the fingers, with a pitch. Compared to that, I would rather see a fight where at least everybody can get it out of their system.

As ESPN's Bill Simmons reminded us this afternoon, nothing that happens on the playing field today is as dangerous as the fights that they had in the 1970's, when the players earned less money, changed teams less freqyently, and seemed to legitimately want to hurt each other. This is probably as bad as it ever got:

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Anonymous said...

It really was like "Slapshot" back then, wasn't it?