Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Links

On McSweeney's, Laura Jayne Martin's "This Is Just To Say I'm Tired of Sharing An Apartment With William Carlos Williams" is hilarious.

Sloane Crosley on "the new naked," the new trend of people de-robing during New York City's Heat Wave From Hell.

The AV Club's discussion of "Overly Distracting Actors" was right on the nose; I for one cannot look at Nicholas Cage and see a character, I can only see Nicholas Cage. I recently read a story about how Nicholas Cage demanded that his character in The Sorcerer's Apprentice have magic rings, instead of the magic necklace called for by the script, because he wanted to be able to "wave his arms around a lot." AV Club critic Tasha Robinson said that he "acted up a storm" in that movie, further evidence that acting like Nicholas Cage is no longer as interested in playing characters as he is in being Nicholas Cage.

This New York Times article discusses how Mad Men appeals to the part of our psyche that enjoys seeing messy lives.

ESPN's Bill Simmons article on how the ever-increasing length of baseball games is killings its popularity is being discussed in a lot of circles; hopefully Bud Selig and company will do something about it.

The Town, with Jon Hamm playing an F.B.I. agent pursuing Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner and co-starring CSD-approved hot babes Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively, looks like a must-see:

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