Friday, September 3, 2010

Bills Fans, Get Ready to Start Banging Your Head Against The Wall

I would like to go on the record about a few things.

Last season, I said that the Bills should have picked Michael Oher in the first round, instead of Aaron Maybin. But, if we didn't draft Oher, we should have drafted Percy Harvin. As it turns out, I was pretty correct about that.

This season, I like C.J. Spiller, but he plays the same position as two of the Bills' five best players, and, if we were looking for insurance at the running back position, other good running backs like Jahvid Best and Toby Gerhart were going to be available later in the draft. There wasn't an obvious pick like Oher on the board, and Spiller has an unbelievable amount of talent, but he appears to be more of a situational back, and I think the Bills need somebody who can play on every down. Rutgers' Anthony Davis was still on the board; if he paves the road for Frank Gore and the 49ers offense this season, don't say the Bills were not on notice.

Additionally, the New England Patriots drafted Rob Gronkowski in the second round, immediately after the Bills picked Torrell Troup. Gronkowski is from the suburbs of Buffalo, and plays a position, tight end, where the Bills need help. Additionally, the Bills' quarterback, Trent Edwards, is accurate, but can't throw long particularly well, so it seems as if having a good tight end would be a must-have for our offense. Don't be surprised if Gronkowski flourishes in New England. Admittedly, he is going to a great situation, with a future Hall of Famer at quarterback and two all-pro wide receivers to open up the middle of the field for him. But even so, it would not surprise me if the Bills come to look at Gronkowski as an enormous missed opportunity.


Themistocles said...
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Mike said...

I was hugely against Spiller, but then I saw him play. The dude is amazing. Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson are reliable starters, but Spiller looks like he could be in the Thurman Thomas class instead of the Henry-McGahee-Jackson-Lynch class. I agree we need tackles still, but it's a rebuilding process and sometimes, you have to pull the trigger when there's a potential franchise player on the board. I enter into evidence this:

That's a three yard loss with Lynch, and a 6 yard gain with Jackson. Henry/McGahee might have been run out of bounds at the 7. But with Spiller, that's paydirt.

Wade Garrett said...

I agree that C.J. seems like a great talent; I'm just worried that he may be best used as a sort of Felix Jones-type 3rd down/home run hitter back, instead of a versatile, every-down back, and though the Bills certainly could use that type of back, I think a 9th-overall pick may be a lot to invest in a player who may only get 15 touches per game. But I could be (and hope I am) wrong.

Senor Beavis said...

At least your owner's gonna kick long before Dan Snyder.