Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brett Favre Is Killing America

Brett Favre fucking sucks. Its official. His fantastic season last year was due to playing 10 games in dome stadiums with three outstanding receivers, one of the elite running backs in the NFL, a terrific offensive, a great home crowd, and a defense that routinely got him the ball in good field position. Perhaps most importantly, the Vikings' offense stayed remarkably healthy last year - their starters and top back-ups at the skill positions all played the entire 16 games.

Brett Favre has thrown forty more interceptions than any quarterback who has ever played the game, has led the league in interceptions three times, and threw three interceptions today. He's not very good any more, which is fine, because he's forty years old, but it amazes me how he is still treated like a star by the media, and how his games are always broadcast nationally. Who still wants to watch him play?

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John said...

In fact, last season Favre played 12 of his 18 regular and postseason games inside a dome. It's not mentioned nearly enough how much that helps an old man.