Friday, September 17, 2010

Narrating the Brooklyn Tornado

"Dude, its right above us."
"Dude, I know, I'm scared."
"Look at that raining! Oh my god! I'm just gonna get nailed!"
"Look at this! Look at this! What the FUCK?"
"Holy shit!"
"Dude, look at this!"
"Its circling, dude!"
"Dude! Here it comes!"
"Oh my God. Holy shit!"
"Dude, right now! Go!"
"Dude, its coming! I don't . . . fucking . . ."
"Dude, get inside, bro. The wind is crazy."
"Dude, a fucking tornado for sure."
"Dude, look at this tree!"
"Oh my God!"
"Holy shit!"
"No no no no no. Chill out."
"Holy shiiiiiit"
"Is that on camera? Pull it back. Pull it back."
"Oh-ho, my God"
"Ha ha ha"
"We're in a tornado right now."
"Oh my god."
"That is fucked up."
"Back up! Back up!"
"Sure enough."
"Back up, man. Back up."
"Its cool, dude."
"Its nuts."
"Holy shit."
"Look at this - its funnelling!"
"Dude, its fuckin' funnelling!"
"Its hitting us, basically, right now."
"Ho-ly shit!"
"Oh my god. Dude, its fuckin' . . ."
"Get in the house! Close the door!"
"Its crazy! You can't see anything! You can't see anything."
"Ho-ly shit!"
"This is fuckin' crazy!"
"DUDE! Oh my god!"
"Oh my god oh my god!"
"I don't want to get hit by debris, bro!"
"Dude, its pouring!"
"Watch out, you'll get hit by debris, bro!"
"Holy shit! Look at that! Look at the tree!"
"Look at the tree! Holy . . . Look at the tree!"
"Look at the tree! Holy fuckin' God!"
"Oh my god!"
"Holy shit!"
"Dude! Come on!"
"Fuck it, dude! Come on!"

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