Thursday, September 23, 2010

Superchunk is Back

On Monday, Superchunk appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and played "Digging For Something," the first track off their new album Majesty Shredding. It was their first appearance on television in sixteen years, and Majesty Shredding is their first album in nine years. Based on how they totally killed it on Fallon, it appears as if they haven't forgotten a trick.

On the other hand, Superchunk never really went away. Beyond the considerable influence of their music, their record lavel, Merge Records, founded by lead singer Mac MacCaughan and bassist Laura Ballance in 1989, has released a significant fraction of the independent rock canon, including the entire catalogues of Arcade Fire and She & Him, as well as albums by Spoon, Neutral Milk Hotel, Camera Obscura, M. Ward, The Magnetic Fields, Dinosaur Jr., Dan Bejar, Conor Oberst, and Destroyer. The odds are that, if you read this blog, you've listened to at least a few of their bands.

Anyway, here's some rock:

Don't you just love the crowd's enthusiasm? I have previously expressed my appreciation for Jimmy Fallon's taste and legitimate interest in musical acts, and the stage-in-the-round really works well for his show. God forbid anybody actually has fun at the recording of a late-night talk show!

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