Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This Is Kind of Awesome

As long-time readers of this blog know, we love Buffalo Trace bourbon. We like it because it tastes good, but we love it because of the crazy-ass narrative on the back of the bottle, a crazy tall tale of westward expansion that all but begs to be read out loud in your best Sam Elliott-impression voice.

So, you can imagine my excitement when my lady friend Amber Waves brought me a can of Kick Ass Coffee. Kick Ass is roasted in Invermere, British Columbia, and it is very strong coffee (at least the blend that I tried). But, once again, the selling point was the narrative on the back of the can, which, because its Canadian, is written (hilariously) in both English and French:

In the summer of 1858, James Hector set out to discover the Kicking Horse Valley. His expedition took him through some of the most beautiful and rugged country in the West. During a river crossing, one of the pack horses kicked Hector so hard that others in the expedition mistook him for dead. As they began to bury poor old James, they noticed his eye twitch. The legend says it was a stiff cup of Kick Ass Coffee that brought him back to life!

Au cours de l'ete 1858, James Hector part a la decouverte de la vallee du Kicking Horse. Il parcourt alors les regions les plus belles et les plus sauvages de l'Ouest. En tentant de traverser une riviere avec les betes de somme, JAmes recoit une ruade si violente que ses compagnons le croient mort. Alors que ceux-ci s'appretent a enterrer le pauvre JAmes, ils remarquent un clignement de paupiere. Selon la legende, c'est une tasse de cafe Kick Ass bien corse qui le ramena a la vie.

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