Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Links (Monday Version)

In the New Yorker, Anthony Lane reviews The King's Speech and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part 1.
The New York Times had an interesting article this week about "Unlearning to Tawk Like A New Yorker."

And, speaking of the AV Club, a comments thread last week linked to this old interview with David Foster Wallace, about his book Infinity and More.

The AV Club staff talks about the music, television shows, and movies they want to see one more installment of, but will never get to see, because the show was prematurely cancelled, the band broke up, somebody died, etc. Mine would be as follows: the rest of Season 1 and all of Season 2 of Freaks and Geeks, the rest of the first three seasons of Arrested Development, and the BBC adaptation of The Honourable Schoolboy, the middle installment of John le Carre's "Karla Trilogy."

Tina Fey recently received the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize for humor, but PBS had to cut out the portion of her acceptance speech in which she discusses her imitations of Sarah Palin, which, I'm going to guess, are a significant reason why she won the award in the first place. But of course PBS is saying that they cut that portion due to time constraints.

The Basketball blog "48 Minutes of Hell" is reporting that the San Antonio Spurs are using their Development League team to test new sports nutrition and sports medicine plans. Interesting stuff, and it makes you wonder why more teams haven't tried stuff like this in the past.

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