Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh, How I Miss the Muppet Show!

AV Club TV editor Noel Murray's has a regular feature, "A Very Special Episode" is some of the best writing about television anywhere on the internet. Or just anywhere. This week's column, about an episode of The Muppet Show that Steve Martin hosted in 1977, is fantastic, and a must-read for fans of either Martin or the Muppets. As long-time readers of the blog will remember, the CSD staff are avid fans of both, so this was right up our alley.

Great quote: "if you need evidence that the ’70s were a confused time, entertainment-wise, you won’t find any much stronger than this: an ostensible family show featuring a subversive stand-up comic playing the theme song from an R-rated movie known for its graphic violence and forced sodomy."

The banjo scene reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from the Muppet Show, hosted by legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich, which ends with Rich drum-battling Animal for the mantle of Muppet Show drummer supremacy. If you haven't seen it, its great stuff:


Anonymous said...

Wade, as a music dude, what is your reaction to the revelation the Keith and Mick basically don't like each other anymore?

Happier days days for the duo.

Wade Garrett said...

Anon -

I just listened to an episode of "Fresh Air" in which Richards denied that he and Mick don't like each other anymore; he basically said that they've known each other for sixty years and you're inevitably going to have a few fights with somebody you've spent that much time with for so many years, but that the two trust each other and enjoy working together.

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