Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday Night Live's Funniest Sketch of the Season?

I really enjoyed Saturday Night Live's parody of the Unstoppable trailer. I'm game for any skit or short that gives Jay Pharaoh an opportunity to do impressions, but this skit really took it over the top, but his impression of Denzel as a walking, catch-phrase-spouting cliche ("chugga-chugga choo-choo, boom!"), and Johansson's running "the size of the Chrysluh Build-ing" joke were exceptionally well-executed. I just really enjoyed the way in which the skit starts out slow - with several lines taken directly from the original trailer - and that ratchets up the insanity ("it gets worse - that's enough flaming kids to hold hands . . . around the Chrysluh Build-ing!") until the final punch line kind of cornily wraps it up. Just an excellent job all around.

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SKOHR said...

I think the inclusion of Scarlet may be clouding your judgement. Or maybe the awfulness of this surely terrible movie is clouding mine.
Isn't this the movie that Steven Seasgal or Keanu Reeves is in? How did they convince Denzel to do this?