Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekday (?) Links

Roman's, one of CSD's favorite restaurants, gets three stars in New York Magazine. Lot 2, in every-gentrifying Greenwood Heights, got three stars, too.

The AV Club's Halloween-weekend podcast recommends some obscure horror films that sound like must-sees.

Bonus: Also at the AV Club, all-time short-list desert-island babe Connie Britton sat down for a Q & A.

ESPN's Rick Reilly asks the question to which every right-thinking college football fan wants to know the answer: What more can Boise State possibly do to get a spot in the national championship game?

Because every stupid bitch needs a Sassy Gay Friend, Second City's recurring character The Sassy Gay Friend is much-needed. And I'm a sucker for his literary references.

Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns tells gay teens that It Gets Better. Warning - This will make you cry:

P.S. The Sassy Gay Friend's "It Gets Better" video is pretty moving, too:

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