Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post-Holiday Links

The AV Club's discussion of their favorite books of the year is strong, as usual. Be sure to check out blogmigo Ellen Wernecke's selections, Jonathan Franzen's Freedom and Berhnard Schlink's The Weekend.

On the other hand,, pop culture critic Linda Holmes discusses her 50 favorite things of 2010, a refreshing alternative to the most specifically media-centered "listicles" that are published at this time of year.

On The New Yorker's book blog, "The Book Bench," James Wood, arguably America's leading liteary critic, discusses his favorite books of the year.

The New York Times' 10th Annual "Year In Ideas" feature was very cool.

Law and the Multiverse - Some serious nerd brain power was invested in creating this, a study of how American constitutional principles would apply to the crimes and punishments Marvel and D.C. comic book characters receive in their respective universes. (Hat Tip: Inspector Frank Bumstead)

Four of the six bloggers on this site are natives of upstate New York, home to America's three snowiest cities.

And, finally, Santa Claus brought the CSD staffers Kindle 3Gs for Christmas. If we had known that Amazon was just about to introduce its lending application, and that Project Gutenberg had so many classics available for free in its online catalog, we might have asked for them sooner!

Finally, Kanye West's My Dark Twisted Fantasy has been in heavy rotation at CSD headquaters lately. It is the work of an eccentric genius, as is his ridiculous 35-minute omnibus music video medley that he somehow manages to pull off:

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