Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Links (Particularlly Wordy Version)

New York Magazine called my attention to the fact that Get Your War On, the funniest and most depressing web-based cartoon I've ever read, is publishing new cartoons for the first time in almost a year. Paul Smecker introduced me to this comic seven years ago, and its sad that, seven years later, Operation Enduring Freedom is still in the motherfucking house.

8yearoldsdude found a terrific list of "culturally untranslateable phrases," some of which need to be read to be believed.

The A.V. Club cut ties with freelance critic Leonard Pierce, who reviewed a comic book without having read it. He was found out because . . . the comic isn't even finished yet, let alone released. Yikes. Pierce reviewed books, music, comic books, and movies for the AV Club, and was one of the contributors to Wrapped Up In Books, the AV Club's excellent montly book club.

Lauren Bush, George W. Bush's neice and former fashion model, just got engaged to David Lauren, heir to the Ralph Lauren fashion fortune/empire. Yes, this means that, potentially, her new name is "Lauren Lauren," and the fact that the two names are pronounced differently will be of little consolation. Presumably, she'll keep the last name Bush, because who wouldn't want to be named after those guys? (Thanks for the words: Jenny Liebman).

Community's stop-motion claymation Christmas special was incredible. In our view, Community has taken over the mantle of the funniest sitcom on television from 30 Rock and, before that, The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. That means that, for the record, the lovely and talented Alison Brie stars in arguably the best drama (Mad Men) and the best sitcom (Community) on television.

This weekend, special lady friend Amber Waves and I had dinner at Veselka, a coffee shop and Ukranian restaurant in Manhattan's East Village, known for its pierogies, stuffed cabbage, borscht, and other eastern European comfort foods. Highly recommended. It now sells a cookbook that would make a terrific Christmas present for people who enjoy that sort of food, which is everybody.

Artist and bassist Jay Ryan sat down with the AV Club and discussed the music in his iPod, all of which has played on the 29-speaker Bose sound system at CSD headquarters at one time or another. The man's got good taste!

And finally, just because its awesome (and stuck in my head yet again):

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