Thursday, January 13, 2011

Calvin Is Not A Unique and Delicate Snowflake

Metaphilm weighs in on the 'conspiracy theory' that Edward Norton's unnamed character from Fight Club is actually Calvin, from the Calvin & Hobbes comics, as an adult. Extending the analogy, Hobbes, the stuffed tiger that comes alive in Calvin's imagination, is Tyler Durden, Susie Derkins is Marla Singer, and so on. The parallels are really clever, if you think about it, and the juxtaposition of classic Bill Watterson panels with Edward Norton's monotone is both funny and creepy.
(via Geneveive Koski of the AV Club)


Terry said...

Dude, Galvin is one of my best friends; if you've been to any of my parties you've probably met him. He posted that in some random place online like 12 years ago and it keeps being reposted around the web. I love that it just blew up this week. Awesome!

Wade Garrett said...

That's crazy! I had no idea. Where did he originally post it - does he have a blog of his own?

Terry said...

I have no idea where he initially posted it, actually. He had a blog for a while about his time teaching in Japan. It's a little out of date but still hilarious: Recommended!