Monday, January 31, 2011

emo entertainment thoughts

I was wondering if I watched Lost In Translation again, whether I would like it. I remember feeling profoundly moved by it (that and squid and the whale were high water marks of emotional resonance for those years whcih tells you everything you need to know about what a self-involved twit I am). I watched it in Canada pretty late at night and alone. I empathized with the female lead. I think it had something to do with it being 2006 and everyone I knew making obscene piles of money, and I felt adrift and like maybe I had made a virtuous choice and maybe I was just a moron. and I was very lonely. Either way, I still think to myself "Evelyn Waugh was a man" after someone says something pretentious and factually incorrect.

Never watch glen garry glenross the day before buying a car. holy cow. I contend it is a modern update of death of a salesman. Springydog contends I am a simplistic idiot and just because they both feature salesman doesn't mean very much. but I think they are both about the sadness of sales, and aging, and job insecurity for men. But I don't remember death of a salesman that well. also, it is very hard to take alec baldwin's "ABC, AIDA, brass balls" speech seriously in glen garry after the irony of 30 rock.

I went on a little run of movies I didn't care enough about to finish. Pineapple Express and Manhattan (which seems a lot like annie hall, but I don't remember annie hall very well).


Senor Beavis said...

I will back you on your take on GGR and Death of a Salesman. I was lucky enough to have seen it pre-30 Rock, but that scene is intentionally hilarious anyway.

My memory of Lost in Translation is very spotty. I think I spent most of it thinking, "Please don't go the cliche route and have them get it on." The end was still more than I wanted, teasing the sawhorse of old soul young woman and regretfully aging older man. So much of movies is the year, day, time, and mood in which you happen to catch them, and I guess I never connected. Squid and the Whale I stopped the world and melted with much more.

Pineapple Express is one of the 5 worst movies I've ever seen. If I weren't trying to grow as a person, I would have gotten in Internet fistfights over this.

Can I hide behind liking Jesse Eisenberg much more than Michael Cera by saying he's a much better actor?

Wade Garrett said...

Lost in Translation had a profound effect on me, too. I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to do after college, and my liberal arts degree was useless, at least where I was living. My grad school choices and the 'fine line between virtuous and a moron' issue is one that I've played out in my mind a million times. I think that Johansson's performance in that movie is really great, and I love how the movie relishes its silences, and how it shows her angst, instead of repeatedly telling you how angst-ridden she is. I've watched it four or five times and think it holds up really well.

I think that Glen Garry Glenross is a very good movie; sometimes its difficult to tell how much of it is the script and how much is the cast. The cast is amazing. I think that it is a worst-case scenario for a lot of men; it is powerful in that way.

Annie Hall is a much better movie than Manhattan, though I enjoy Manhattan more now than I did before I moved to New York City. I'm not the first person to say this, but it makes New York look so beautiful; the love story is as much between the characters and the city as it is between the characters themselves.