Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She & Him's new video for "Don't Look Back"

Last week, She & Him released a new music video for "Don't Look Back," off of their album Volume II:

This is a "mini-film"-style music video, in keeping with the contemporary indie-rock trend It captures the She & Him vibe very well, its clever and funny and whimsical and just ironic enough to diffuse its sentimentality. I just don't see how it adds anything to the song that wasn't there initially. Their live performances are so musical and charming, I would have been interested to see them just use live footage to sell their records - its what worked for me. Compare the video above to this live performance from Craig Ferguson's show:


Ellen said...

I don't think it adds anything to the song specifically, but someone could see it for its other elements and decide to check out their albums or buy a concert ticket. For me, I pretty much want to live inside the video.

Wade Garrett said...

Haha, so do I, if it means living in a world where there's more than one Zooey to go around. If I was jetpack-commuting and she waved to me to ask if I wanted some barbeque I would totally drop in for a burger.