Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Swish

Here at CSD headquaters we love all things Hold Steady, but we haven't played this video, off of their first album, Almost Killed Me, in quite a while. The Hold Steady is still a great rock band, but we get nostalgic for their early albums, when they weren't so much a rock band as a 'piss-take' on a rock band, poking fun at the conventions and cliches of rock music while managing to rock pretty hard in their own right; they were to rock bands what Kill Bill is to martial arts movies, or Shaun of the Dead is to zombie horror movies. Almost Killed Me didn't have anything as polished as "The Weekenders," the best song of their 2010 release Heaven Is Whenever, but Heaven is Whenever doesn't have any of the trash-talk, braggadocio, and in-jokes of Almost Killed Me, either. Fortunately, nobody said we had to choose between them.

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