Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Hold Steady at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

I saw The Hold Steady commemorated their 8th anniversary as a band by playing Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday and Monday nights. The MHoW is a much smaller venue than they typically play, but the crowd was enthusiastic and clearly knew most of the words to THS' entire set, so it must have been a little bit like what The Hold Steady's early shows looked like - just a sweaty room full of serious music fans wearing rock band t-shirts and flannel, pumping their fists and holding aloft the occasional crowd surfer.

The Hold Steady started their encore with two favorites from Separation Sunday, "Hornets! Hornets!" and "Your Little Hoodrat Friend." I think the guy in front of me experienced Nirvana during "Your little Hoodrat Friend"'s long guitar outro.


Mike said...

How did they sound without Franz Nicolai?

Wade Garrett said...

I thought that they sounded great. In a couple of songs, the absence of piano was noticeable, but with three guitars their sound was really full and had a ton of power.