Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Iron and Wine and George Michael kick off AV Club Undercover 2011

Last year, the AV Club got a lot of acclaim for its "Undercover" series, in which it made a list of 25 songs (mainly pop and indie rock from the 80's and 90's) and invited bands into their office to cover them. Every song could only be covered once, so the earlier a band came in to perform, the more songs they had to choose from. Some performances, like Clem Snide's gorgeous version of "Faithfully," Wye Oak's "Strangers," The Swell Season's "Two-Headed Boy" were gorgeous; others, like Superchunk's rocking "In Between Days" weren't only great covers, but announced comebacks and got us excited about their upcoming albums.

This year's Undercover has a slate of terrific songs, so we were already excited about it, but the first release, Iron & Wine's sincere, unironic cover of George Michael's "One More Try," exceeded even our high expectations. Watching this as we prepared for work, I went from "this might be fun" to "this is surprisingly good" to "I WROTE THIS SONG, I'M NOT THAT STRONG, JUST LET ME GO-O-O-O" within thirty seconds. We'll post some videos from the rest of the series, so keep your eyes open.

Iron And Wine covers George Michael

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