Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monday Links

In the Times' Sunday Book Review, Gail Caldwell wrote a thoughtful review of Meghan O'Rourke's new book, The Long Goodbye, about death of O'Rourke's mother and O'Rourke's grief afterwards. O'Rourke is a CSD favorite; we look forward to reading this book, though we know it is going to depress us terribly.

The AV Club had a great discussion on the films of Sidney Lumet - one of those directors who had such a long career, and made so many classic movies that its easy to lose track. Dog Day Afternoon, Network, and Murder on the Orient Express are three of CSD's favorites. The AV Club also ran a primer on the films of director Walter Hill, whose films

This New Yorker profile of chef David Chang (recommended to us by a friend) was really interesting. Chang's small empire of restaurants, located mainly in New York's East Village, are one of the cooler things about downtown Manhattan. Chang's cookbook, Momofuku, is well-written and has such gorgeous photography that it is basically food pornography.

The New Yorker's excellent literary blog, Book Bench, picked Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad as its book club selection this month, which is fortuitous, becaue it just won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Coincidentally, another Book Bench book club selection, Jonathan Dee's The Privileges, was also short-listed for the Pulitzer.

Bill Simmons's two-hour NBA playoff preview podcast was a must-hear for NBA fans.

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