Friday, April 1, 2011

New Song By The National

I've gotten hooked on "You Think You Can Wait," the new single from The National. Its a sad, pretty song, less in keeping with their recent album "High Violet" (wow, is it really almost a year old now???) than it is with "So Far Around the Bend," "Ashamed of the Story I Told," and "Sleep All Summer," the fantastic series of one-offs they released for soundtracks and charity albums in 2009. As much as I enjoy hearing The National rock out, I think they really excel - and arguably nobody currently working in rock music matches them - at the mournful, heartfelt ballad.

Apparently The National wrote this song, for the soundtrack to the movie Win Win. In a related story, the CSD staff now wants to see the movie Win Win.


brian said...

Gorgeous song.

Tom said...

This is one of the best songs The National has done since Boxer.