Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Links

The King James Bible: A New York Times appreciation, in advance of the King James Bible's 400th anniversary, says that it "may be the single best thing ever accomplished by committee" and discusses its influence on English literature. The King James Bible-as-literature was a favorite subject of the English department at my university, and, I would imagine, a great many other universities as well.

The Information: In The New Yorker, Adam Gopnik discusses books about the internet, breaking them down into three camps: the "Never Betters," the "Better Nevers," and the "Ever Wasers." Be sure to also check out David Remnick on the "making and remaking" of Malcolm X.

The Atlantic Monthly has a handy guide to the data-mining case currently pending before The Supreme Court.

The AV Club's Zach Handlen reviewed David Foster Wallace's The Pale King.

What is the best year in music history? Nathan Rabin votes for 1994. In previous weeks, Josh Modell has written about 1997, and Stephen Hyden about 1966. What is your favorite year in music?

In The Buffalo News, Buffalo-born novelist Lauren Belfer discusses her impressions of Buffalo after spending years living in New York City. This may or may not be a timely article for a particular co-author of this blog.

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