Monday, May 16, 2011

emo environmental thoughts

Recycle aluminum cans. Seriously. It is really important. You get a staggering energy savings from recycled aluminum vs. creating primary aluminum (all that mining of bauxite and smelting and such). It is 95% more efficient. PET plastic and glass aren't anywhere close to the efficient. so if you see an aluminum can, pick it up and recycled it. Obviously if you have the time and energy to pick up and recycle all stray packaging, go for it. but prioritize aluminum.

I think I hate Yelp. Other people just can't be trusted, it seems. They have a lousy record of identifying what is good in the aggregate, and I find trying to search for writing cues that indicate individual non-stupidity to be tiresome and unreliable. When does the next wave of thinking about the shortcomings of web 2.0 happen (did it already happen?) I may also just be a screaming elitist.

rhubarb is delicious. I am pleased it is rhubarb time.

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