Friday, May 6, 2011

The Human League

The AV Club's "Undercover" series is just killing it this year. Rocky Votolato and Matt Pond (we don't know who they are, either) do an interesting cover of The Human League's "Don't You Want Me" with male voices in both parts. This is one of those songs that has entered the canon to such an extent, and been played so many hundreds of times since its early-80's release, that I almost can't hear it on its own terms anymore; its musical DNA has been embedded in too many other catchy pop songs. Hearing the original reworked is a pretty cool things, because it lets you appreciate how good of a song it is, once you can really hear it again.

I'll be honest; I don't know if any of that even made sense. But its a good cover.

Rocky Votolato and Matt Pond PA cover The Human League

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brian said...


Go give Matt Pond PA's "Last Light" a try...but don't read Pitchfork's review first. The album is solid, understated mid-tempo pop for a Sunday morning with coffee and the paper. (If that doesn't convince you, the fabulous Ms. Neko Case sings backup on one of the tracks.)