Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm old, and I am starting the bridesmaids backlash

I mean, don't get me wrong, I am excited for Bridesmaids. But somehow claiming that paying for and enjoying a comic movie is significant step in supporting women's equality smacks of the derided ethical consumerism. A movie cannot bear all our desires and expectations about gender equality. And asking it to do so is setting it up for backlash.

I am officially old now, because I skip foods I find delicious because I know they will make me feel gross later. (The primary food in question is costco pizza).

My gym finally got an erg. Nothing makes one feel older than literally being able to measure oneself against the prime of one's youth.

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Wade Garrett said...

I wasn't able to consistently erg for years after college; I always felt as if I was short-changing myself, going at such a slow pace for such a short period of time, relative to what I had been able to do in college. To be certain, the other workouts I did, whether on other machines or outdoors, also failed to measure up to the punishing workouts I did in college, but running, or the stairmaster, didn't offer the same sort of apples-to-apples comparison. It was only once I got about four years out, and had put on a few pounds, that I said, allright, I can't fool myself into thinking that those old numbers are in reach anymore; I just need to get in some good exercise, and rowing is still a better way to do that than any other type of exercise. Since then, erging has been fine, but I haven't really tried to do anything other than hard steady-state.