Sunday, May 1, 2011

Links for the Week

In The New Yorker, Lawrence Wright, author of The Looming Tower - still the best book about 9/11 - discussed Bin Laden's death.

Friend-of-the-Blog Ellen Wernecke reviewed Tina Fey's Bossypants for the AV Club. Actually, Ellen was on fire this week - on her blog, Wormbook, she previewed this summer's cinematic adaptations, and shared her thoughts on Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad. I read Good Squad at the same time as her, and may share my thoughts later this week.

In New York Magazine, some musicians rate thirteen musicians' beards, and amazingly leave Iron and Wine's Sam Beam off of the list.

To commemorate Steve Carrell's final episode on The Office, The New Yorker re-ran the profile of Carrell that it ran last summer.

The New York Times magazine published its Design and Living issue.

From the public reading series The Moth, Salman Rushdie discusses how a trip to civil war-ravaged Nicaragua helped him overcome writer's block (Thanks to Marilyn for the tip):

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