Friday, May 20, 2011

Sloane Crosley was on Craig Ferguson

Sloane Crosley was on Craig Ferguson last night. Crosley is always adorable and charming on television and Ferguson is the perfect at the sort of banter and off-the-cuff anecdotes in which Crosley specializes. Unfortunately, last night's appearance hasn't been posted on the internet yet, but her previous appearance, from last September, is online, and is enormously fun.


Senor Beavis said...

Do a shot every time you shout, "Get a room, you 2!" while watching this clip.

Wade Garrett said...

Presented without further comment: Crosley tweeted this morning that she left a shoe at CBS' studio last night and now has to track it down like a blackout drunk.

Senor Beavis said...

About the halfway point, I crossed over from thinking, "Man, Craig is going to jerk off immediately after this," to, "He just might pull this off." I'd watch that sex tape. He's an attractive dude.