Saturday, June 18, 2011

"The Killing Moon," or "Thanks, Shazam!"

I realize that, by writing this, I run the risk of surrendering hard-won music-nerd credibility, but, until recently, I did not know Echo & the Bunnymen's song "The Killing Moon." It is definitely in the 80's college-radio canon, and is regularly used on the soundtracks of indie movies set in the 1980's, like Donnie Darko and Adventureland. It has a great, dramatic lead vocal, and a pleasantly non-pretentious strings section, and just generally rocks. Despite its prevalence, and the fact that I recognize the song immediately, I never knew its title, or the identity of the band that sang it. Then, last week, it played on the jukebox at a neighborhood bar, and I used the Shazam application on my iPhone -- an application I had had on my phone for a year, but had never used -- to find out more about the song. If it helps me find more songs like "The Killing Moon," then I may have a new favorite iPhone app.

Here's the video. (The song itsels is better than its video).

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