Monday, July 11, 2011


This past weekend, I went to Mysitc, Connecticut, to attend the wedding of an old friend of mine from college. The ceremony was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous, the groom had an ear-to-ear smile the entire night, and the weather was 90 degrees with cloudless skies. It was one of the coolest weddings I've ever attended.

Unfortunately, its hard to really share any of those great wedding experiences with you. The one thing about the wedding that I can share is the procession music, which was by a group called the Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ for short), of whom I had never previously heard. They have made almost forty tribute albums, in which they play pop and rock songs arranged for the string quartet. This sort of thing has been done before, usually with a smirk and a heaping dose of irony. The Vitamin String Quartet's songs, by comparison, are performed with enthusiasm and sincerity that is impossible to mistake. Their albums can be sampled, and are available for purchase, at their website. These are two of my favorites (though they're all good):


Anonymous said...

T-bone, were shazaming at the wedding ceremony?

Wade Garrett said...

I don't even know what that means.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm surprised a music lover such as yourself doesn't know. Shazam is an iphone/droid app that allows you to identify what song is currently playing:

In other news, what's the CSD take on the NBA taking down all pictures, rosters, and clips that include players? It's seems sort of petty, but then again, I'm not a lawyer. The whole things is nuts. Do the players really think they should get more than 57% of revenue? After such a compelling season, the whole thing is just a bummer.

Finally, I still not sure what to make of this:

Wade Garrett said...

Oh - I do in fact have the Shazam application on my iPhone; my post a couple of weeks ago about Echo and the Bunnymen's "Killing Time" was a direct result of having used Shazam to identify it when it was playing at a bar. But I didn't recognize the use of Shazam as a verb in that sense - obviously it makes sense, I just wasn't thinking that way.

I think it is a bad move on the NBA's part; they need to keep up interest in the sport if they season doesn't start on time, and YouTube highlights are a good way to do it. My understanding is that the players don't want more than 57%; they want to keep their share at 57%, while the owners want to reduce it. A lot of people are expecting a 50-50 split, which sounds equitable to me, for obvious reasons. Let's be clear - this isn't a strike. It is a lockout. The owners won't let the players come to work until they agree to work for less money. That's a substantial difference.