Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bob Mould and The Decemberists cover "If I Can't Change Your Mind"!!!

Can a musician "cover" a song that was originally performed by a group of which he was a member? Rock legend and all-around hardcore old guy Bob Mould certainly believes so; he 'covered' "If I Can't Change Your Mind," by his former band Sugar, as part of The AV Club's "Undercover" series. Its good to see that Mould is still killing it well into his fifties.

Bob Mould "covers" Sugar
But that's not the coolest part. AV Club favorites The Decemberists expressed interest in covering "If I Can't Change Your Mind," more or less simultaneously with Mould, and, rather than refuse of the most critically acclaimed bands in indie music, they let the Decemberists cover it, too (which is probably more in keeping with the original idea for the series). The end result sounds more like The Decemberists than it does like Sugar, but that's one of the things about great songs - they open themselves up for any number of interpretations.

The Decemberists cover Sugar

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