Sunday, September 4, 2011

in which i tell you about something that isn't ironic or about popular culture

I was in transit from one errand to another in the western suburbs today when, in a large roundabout, about 6 cars ahead, A Lexus RX330 (that small SUV), rear ended a motorcyclist and then ran him over, trapping him under the car. I didn't see enough to know who was it fault, but it was gruesome.

Those who saw it pulled over and ran to the site. The motorcyclist was calling "lift it up, lift it up." so we attempted to lift it. Because at the start there were only 6 of us, we could not lift the SUV, but merely succeeded in compressing the springs--lifting the body but not the wheels. But as more and more people assembled, we tipped the car toward the driver's side to about a 45 degree angle (there was some debate about whether to tip it all the way over, but some sort of con census was reached not to do so). by then there were nurses on the scene to remove the man in a safe spinal position. and we lowered the car back down.

by the time the car was down, EMS personnel were there and were clearly in charge. So the crew of 20 or 30 men simply walked away not really saying anything to one another, got into our cars, and drove off, because we were blocking the roundabout.

Normally I would try to extrapolate this experience into something broader because I sort of hate unanalyzed anecdotes as a form of interaction. But none of the frames I can put on it really work. it was both miraculous and wrenching. Both a wonderful show of community and very isolating.

so we'll go with this as a broader moral: this is now the second man I have seen fall off a motorcycle at speed on a road. Jesus, those things are dangerous.

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