Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank You, Internet! Vol. 2

What I can't even . . .

This cover of "Bad Romance," sung in Mandarin by a group of middle-aged Chinese people, is so hilariously weird that the Fig Leaf Gang from the "Yatta!" video is starting to get jealous. Don't worry, Fig Leaf Gang; these middle-aged Chinese people are still 3,050,000 views away from being a real threat.

Ah, fuck it -- let's watch "Yatta!" again for old time's sake:

You may say its juvenile, but I believe that it will never get old.


brian said...

Thank you, Wade. I needed a little Yatta this morning.

Wade Garrett said...

You're welcome! Its impossible to have a frown on your face while you're watching Yatta. Every once in a while I need to look it up on Youtube and remind myself of that. Also, as posted on Youtube, it has a GREAT screen-shot.