Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rick Perry and Sarah Palin Wish You a Happy Hannukah

In the past 24 hours, numerous evangelical Christian politicians, such as Sarah Palin and Rick Perry, both of whom believe that the New Testament of the Bible is literally true, have tweeted "Happy Hannukah," or, more likely, had a junior staffer tweet for them. I realize that there are a small number of very religious Jews who support right-wing evangelical Christian candidates because of those candidates' unwavering support of Israel, but 1) they are very few in number; 2) making common cause with someone is not the same as being friends; those candidates' support is overwhelmingly white protestant. The evangelical candidates who tweet "Happy Hannukah" are only superficially wishing Jews a happy holiday. In the main, they are attempting to show moderate white Christians that they are not anti-semitic.

The candiates doth protest too much. While I would not be so brash as to suggest that they are actually anti-semitic, I do believe that they don't really care one way or another about whether Jews enjoy Hannukah, and using a religious holiday for such a cynical political goal -- and, in their cases, to win an election so that they can enact laws that explicitly favor Christian interest groups -- is pandering of the most disgusting sort. In the words of comedian Rob Delaney, tonight those candidates can suck the first of eight circumcized cocks.

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