Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Its Not the Perfume That You Wear

Before they appeared on AV Undercover, I knew the Punch Brothers only by reputation -- a talented group of indie-ish bluegrass musicians from the United States and the UK who mix covers of contemporary rock and pop songs in with more traditional bluegrass fare. Admittedly -- and this may be an I've-lived-in-Brooklyn-too-long prejudice of mine -- when I saw their half-casual wardrobe of t-shirts and slacks, sportcoats with knit wool hats, corduroy coats with short-billed Irish caps, I thought, "these guys look like a bunch of dirty hipsters; they'll probably end the song with a fiddle-banjo duel or something stupid like that." They may well be hipsters, and I was half-right about the duel at the end. But once they reached the end of the first verse of "Just What I Needed," and their banjo player stepped forward and nailed the synthesizer part from the Cars' original, I dismissed whatever concers I had and just enjoyed the ride.

Punch Brothers cover The Cars

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